Stem Cell Biology
Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus Dresden
Stem cell research in degenerative disease and cancer

About us

Welcome to our laboratory’s site. Here you can find information about our research, our scientific approach, and news. The “Stem Cell Biology Lab” belongs to the “Medical Clinic III”, one of the centres of the University Hospital of the Technical University of Dresden. We are also members of the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), located on the same campus.

Our research focuses on the biology of stem cells because we see promise in them, both as exceptional tools to study science as well as mediators of tissue regeneration. There are many types of stem cells, some that can regenerate the tissue they reside in, some that can generate cells from multiple tissues, and some that can generate an entire organism. And there are many research approaches, including transplanting these cells after they are grown in large numbers in culture, or targeting the existing (endogenous) stem cells in the tissue, using drugs. The latter is our main goal, and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is our primary tissue of focus. But here and there, we look elsewhere too, when we cannot resist our curiosity.

Our experimental approach is influenced by our past discoveries that the adult brain is rich in immature cells (neural stem cells), and that they can be activated by soluble factors acting through a novel biochemical pathway. This leads to powerful neuronal rescue and motor skill benefits.

In the RESEARCH tab you can find a somewhat more scientific description of our research interests.





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